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Please donate if you are able and only what you are able to keep UPI alive for everyone. 100% of all donations received will be used to pay subscription costs to keep UPI here for everyone's benefit and use. Questions or don't have Paypal? We do have a method to accept cash or checks. Please contact any UPI Director or Ass't Director for the address to send them. Thanks for your support and our promise to you is we will always work very hard to keep UPI alive for all to have a home or home away from home where you can always feel safe from drama!





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 UPI is and always will be a FREE site for everyone who wishes to join.

It does however cost to keep the site alive. Because of that we have a fund raiser every year to ask for donations to keep it open for our members.

It is that time of year where we have to pay the annual dues. We only ask for donations from those able to do so and in any amount they can afford.

If you can donate then please do so by selecting the donate button immediately to the left of this notice.

All donations are greatly appreciated no matter the amount and all donations are 100% used to pay dues. No one profits and any residual, if any, is reserved for next years dues.

Thanks to all who have donated in the past and to those who will donate this year. We do appreciate all donations!  



UNITED PARANORMAL INTERNATIONAL'S mission is to provide a site that is free from drama, cyber bullying and malicious attacks. We believe the paranormal community can grow stronger, advance it's knowledge and improve it's reputation through uniting against drama, intolerance and disrespect! UPI further strives to advance our knowledge through increased standardization of documentation, advancements in equipment, technical knowledge, application of scientific and non scientific methods and training. We stand that all beliefs, practices and philosophies have something to offer and as such are to be respected.


We do not support the advocacy of Satanism, Black Magick or Conjuring. Discussion for the purpose of understanding and learning of these many forms of dark beliefs and practices are accepted as we need to know their workings should we encounter them in our investigations however the advocacy of them is strictly forbidden.


Offering services for a price is strictly forbidden. No one may offer cleansing, psychic readings, fortune telling or investigations that require a fee or that offer free services but later ask for a fee to remove any activity that might be found. If you are in doubt ask any UPI Officer. Sale of equipment typically used in investigations or even swapping is permitted so long as the price is fair and the equipment is legitimate. Discounts for UPI members is strongly encouraged.


UPI supports the charitable work and contributions to keep our historical sites alive. We do not provide advertising for sites that are for profit. Please find the tab for events and post any paracons or other activities there but not as a discussion or blog.

Thanks for understanding. We are here for you and we intend to keep UPI a free site where no one has to worry about getting hammered with offers to sell services.  





- We believe that we can never learn and grow our knowledge of the paranormal unless we ALL have the freedom of expression without the fear of oppression.
  This is a gift that must be both given and received by all who wish to make a difference!

- We will never become what we oppose 


If you disagree then lively debate is accepted. If you cannot maintain a healthy debate then move on to a subject where you can. Disrespect, judgment and lack of civility is never acceptable conduct and will cause a warning or your immediate removal from UPI without prior notice depending on the severity  


- Everyone has something to offer. You might not see it but others will.         Everyone has a right to their beliefs and we are bound to respect them       even if we disagree. Closing our minds shuts off all learning and is             usually a very destructive practice


- No one may build or espouse their beliefs at the expense or denigration of another's. Doing so will require the removal of the offending post and a warning to the offender


- UPI is a family site. As such we do not allow foul language or other such conduct that would be unacceptable for family viewing


- Everyone must have a photograph and that photograph must be in proper attire. No shirtless photos or enticing poses. Photographs that violate this term will be removed and the member will be warned. Further instances will result in the removal of the member without further warning.


Note: The general UPI default membership logo may be used in lieu of a personal photo


- We are not a dating site and any such activity will be considered spam and the offender will be removed 


- You must be 18 years of age to join


- You need not be a member of a paranormal team or even a paranormal investigator however there are serious people here doing serious work. Please treat them with respect at all times. If you come here to learn or because you have sincere curiosity about the paranormal you are welcome


Thanks to Brad Lane from Spokane Paranormal Team for this video!



Starting to post pages, on the Historic Site Preservation group,about individual sites. The first two are Mount Moriah Cemetery and the 1799 Lazaretto. If you want to add other pages we need a website/Facebook page and Email address. Please Not For Profit (NFP) sites ONLY. Both sites are NFP sites. Sites like The Shanley Hotel in NY are Private Owned For Profit (FP) sites. 



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